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Smart store – Store in a Suitcase

Company Summary

Interforma GMBH is an Exhibit/Conference Architecture company based in Athens (Greece).

We apply a philosophy of administration that is based on the convenient completion of undertaken work with quality and strict follow-up of budget.

it is specialised with particular dynamics, giving cost effective solutions in the shop decoration. It is focused in creations that reflect the designing innovation, providing multidimensional services

With motive force our collaborators, the robust infrastructure (autonomous storage facilities), and the qualitative work, we set new prospects and foundations, creating "value" and flexibility to cover your particular needs by providing high quality "tailor made" services.



Our mission is simple. To fulfill our client’s requirements with a cost effective solution that works. In short, Interforma GMBH custom exhibits differ due to innovative design, quality driven philosophy, comprehensive service and excellent craftsmanship.

Interforma GMBH on the other hand, will be a determining factor in the role that technology will play in the store decorations in the future. The highest quality of “one stop solution” will be our paramount objective.

Product Mission - Provide customers the finest quality booths and accessories in the most efficient time.

Economic Mission – Operate and grow at a profitable rate through sound economic decisions.



We have grown into a creative constructive and management business, specializing at the survey construction and stores decoration along with the development shop fitting services and the delivery of decorations, exhibitions and conferences, providing our clients with fresh, creative design, and cost effective solutions that seek to provide tangible results based on clear objectives.

The experience we have acquired in over a decade of research and development alongside our customers has provided us with the know-how and skills to offer interesting new solutions.

We acquire the sole agency of an a uniquely versatile display system that creates superb “bespoke” structures



Less is more!

Visible luxury with minimal philosophy with competitive cost and time the space of shops is perhaps the more fast altered and exigent space from opinion of configuration and decoration.. The INTERFORMA with the planning of decorative "models" based on frugal and abstractive forms creates innovative approaches in the decoration.  Shop –fitting constructions designed in  simple and geometrical lines made of  inox glass skin the lacquer the veneer draws on crude surfaces and it achieves a result that reflects a philosophy of "cleanliness" and ergonomic that brings however personal style.

The new Smart Store system is so simple and so easy in its application, like a three year old kid playing with LEGO. With its special elements we can create, change and evolve a manufacture in a while whenever we want, so that the operation of the store is not influenced.

The truth is that Lego that we know are actually not so  flexibly as the decorative elements of SMART STORE, which can be dressed with each desirable investment, it can change colour of investment without working within the store and in whatever form you wish.

An effective system that allows for change and additions at any time that enhance the beauty of yr space

Made up of simple basic elements the system is exceptionally flexible and modular.



Floor (illuminated or not ) sides, shelves, shop windows,open spaces, hotel lobbies, offices, houses, display stands, separating panels, multi-level back wall with flexible graphics, circular walls with double sided graphics, bars, receptions and shelving internally illuminated e.t.c.



Minimal aesthetics, simplicity, flexibility seamless graphic display, fast and easy to use, controls labor costs, reduces transport and storage charges (light elements), relatively cost effective, no tools required, sturdiness and at last but not at least any construction work is carried out without any digging. Constructions guarantying  maximum practicality, ready to use  upon yr final requirements and sturdy, can be rapidly relocated  renovated  keeping the main frame of the system design you have the alternative to choose different layouts as often as you desire,  at the most completive prices and in due course.


The cost

Each new renovation that follows after the initial installation can be done with low cost. "The businessman can simply change the exterior investment or simply a part of it".


The Time

Due to the charm in the facility of assembly and disassembly of his prefabricated elements, the time is minimized regarding the required time of engagement of spaces within the shop during a renovation of lightning inside a shop. Also  the insistence and costly process of underground placement of cables, now belongs to the past because the smart store elements are drawn in order to accept any wiring.

We made tailor-made constructions and stores decorations that are designed to furnish elegance and appeal as well as to highlight the customer ‘s image.

We can provide you with a wide range of services and assistance from fully qualified professional collaborators.

We work to rationalize constructions conceives in the name of simplicity and adaptability.

Our direction is yrs from the past to the future with the most efficient indications.

We have always dealt with every aspect of relationship with our clients with solicitude and professionalism. Our on line service, offering projecting and estimating a perfect solution to fulfill any requirement.

Our design methods thanks to the latest in technology are able to satisfy an ever more discerning clientele. We follow every stage of the production cycle with great care to guarantee reliability and safety. We are convict that quality is synonymous to careful workmanship and regular controls.

We have created a competent network of staff who are able to assist you and fulfill any request



The Interforma GMBH purchases its products from the finest suppliers in Greece and Europe. The finest wood, metal and paint materials are purchased. Though increasing the cost, what is important to us is to satisfy and provide the best possibly result for our clients.

Furthermore the finest machines for printing and creating graphic developments are currently  owned by INTERFORMA Greece


Smart Store Ideal for

  • Architects
  • Interior Designers
  • Retailers in shopping development
  • Wholesalers in shopping decoration
  • Booth builders
  • Graphic artists




Contact Details


Büros & Lager, Deutschland
Industriestr. 33, D-42327 Wuppertal
Telefon: 0202 74723416-7




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